Friday, June 21, 2013


It's InstaFriday again! What a week this has been! We booked our third anniversary trip, started puppy-sitting from my parents {who went to Cancun without us TFTI guys!} had a deal on Brickyard Buffalo and a full week of work! Whew TGIF!

Here is a peek into my life this week, want to follow along? Find me on Instagram @nicolinaw PS. What do you think of this new Instagram video thing? I haven't tried it yet but I am exited too!

//// Sent off some beautiful custom invites to my girl Jess at Party Pants, you really should check her out she is the best! //// My instagram was full of pictures of Miss Lola, she is a sleepy puppy it's pretty much all she wants to do /// The Brickyard Buffalo deal was a huge success and I am spending my Friday working on printing all of those orders! //// This salad is our new go-to quick lunch! Buffalo Chicken Salad {makes 2 servings: 3 chicken tenders {our grocery store has them in the deli, could use any leftover chicken} tossed in Frank's Red Hot, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, all tossed in light blue cheese dressing - SO GOOD!

Happy weekend!

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