Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We can't all be graphic designers, but as long as you have an iPhone and a slightly artsy eye you can come up with some super cute stuff! 

Blow your friends away by sharing some of your creations on Instagram or use them on your blog! Check out some of my favorite editing apps for iPhone. 

Lots of these apps work best by being used together!

{PIC STICH} this is the best app for creating a collage. Got lots of vacation pics or a whole bunch showing the steps of a DIY project? Choose your template and insert your pics!  Pages of options!!!

{VINTIQUE} I got this one as a free download once. I have only used it a few times but it has some very beautiful heavy vintage filters! Check out this edit here...

{AFTERLIGHT} This is THE APP to get for filters, tons to choose from and even more you can buy within the app. It also has lots of frames {circles around pics 

{OVER} Best app for adding text to your image! Loads of fonts and colors to choose from and even more you can buy within the app. I edited the pic below with afterlight and then added the text in over...

{A BEAUTIFUL MESS} This app is brand new and I already love it! Add filters, arrows, banners, frames, graphics and text to your image! Very artsy and fun! It is a must download in my book! 

Made this with it... 

Any apps you love to use that I am missing? Would love to try them out!

PS. I used my favorite blogging app blogGo} to blog this from cams gastro dr appt, he has a little procedure today so I am hanging out waiting on him :-)


  1. I am definitely checking some of these out! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Do it! And let me know what ends up being your favorite!

  2. Good post!! I am going to have to download some apps!! :) Following back from the blog hop - thanks for stopping over!