Monday, May 6, 2013


When people find out I sell invites|stationary|art prints on Etsy the conversation usually goes one of 3 ways

>> What is Etsy?
>> That's so awesome!
>> Aren't there a lot of people on Etsy who do that?

While I have become a pro at responding to the 'What is Etsy' question {especially to my grandparents} The 'Aren't there a lot of people on Etsy who do that?' one has been an answer I have struggled with. Because after I get over the little confidence I now know this person has in me, I realize something. There are a lot of people who do what I do on Etsy. So here is my answer...

"I have a specific style and I stay true to it. Most people love it, but some people it's just not their thing, and that's okay. There is someone on Etsy designing for them too. I update my styles regularly and keep things relevant. My goal is for someone to see one of my designs and know instantly it is mine and I think that is why people keep buying from me."

Chances are if you sell on Etsy {or really anywhere} there is someone else doing what you do.
> Keep it original! Gain inspiration from fellow artists but don't copy. 
> Keep your shop neat and tidy! As Cam has reminded me the past few weeks, just because it is selling every once and a while doesn't mean you need to keep it in your shop. Your style as evolved since you first opened, if you aren't proud of the design - get rid of it!
> Keep it updated! Sometimes all the item needs to become a best seller again is some freshening up. I re-designed the 'Southern Charm Mason Jar' invite in my shop for just that reason!
The original design has been one of my best sellers, especially last Spring and Summer. But I noticed coming into this Spring it wasn't selling. So I gave it a little facelift! Mason Jars are still super popular, so those stayed! Although this design includes your color edits {you can pick whatever you want} I updated the listing color palette to Coral + Navy. I kept the shabbychic-ness {is that a word?} of the chevron with the distressed look. Then I updated the frame to be a bit cleaner, and modern-ed up the fonts.

Same invite, still my style, just evolved for the new season! Some people will still prefer the old style and that's fine, I will gladly do the old design upon request, but I wasn't proud of the design anymore. So I changed it!

What do you think? Prefer the original or like the re-designed version?


  1. The clean up thing is good advice because sometimes I get lazy and don't look through all of your options. (Sorry!)

  2. I think "shabbychic-ness" is totally a legit word. Work it, girl.