Friday, May 24, 2013


I am so mad at myself for missing INSTA-FRIDAY last week. I had such a cray cray week that I only had 3 pictures to share but still I hated missing it. The good news is that I went Insta-Crazy this week so I have plenty to share to make up for it.

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>>> 1. My baby sister is Graduating from High School tomorrow! I designed some nautical inspired invites for her Grad Party in June
>>> 2. Happy Mail Day when I got my Stella & Dot goodies in the mail!
>>> 3. Check out this 'Throwback Thursday" post of my Dad, Sister and Me at Disney World in '95 loved it then, love it now!
>>> 4.Spent the morning at my Grandparent's house, she has more teacups than you can count!

>>> 1. The Hubby and I always go to the same places when we go out to eat but Atlanta is full of cool restaurants. So we tried out Zoe's Kitchen when we were spending our REI dividend at the Perimeter  REI store, I am embarrassed to tell you how long we were there.
>>> 2. My new fav mug! A vintage inspired Disney mug I got from the Disney Outlet in Orlando
>>> 3. This new Ikea file box is the best thing ever, I marked the glitter trays for me and the plain ones for Cam. He has a love-hate relationship with my glitter tape
>>> 4. New stools for our standing desks! I put them together like a BOSS
>>> 5. We tried Antico Pizza in Atlanta for the first time if you love Pizza and are ever in Atlanta is is a MUST eat at!


  1. I missed seeing it because I was in the world so that's OK. It happens!

  2. love antico! so good! we should go together