Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today is PART 2 in my How to Shop Smart on Etsy series, and it is all about FEEDBACK how to leave it, and how to check before you buy. Checking feedback may help you in deciding whether or not to place an order with a seller.

Before you purchase it is very important to check the seller's feedback - whether they have been selling for a short time or a long time you can check there % of feedback here
Sellers are given a feedback number {that is the number of people who have left them feedback from any sale, or purchase} and a %, a % gets assigned to each feedback left depending on if the feedback is positive, neutral, or negative. That way even if a seller has gotten negative feedback once or twice they can re-gain 100% status if they have enough positive to even it back out.

Click where is says feedback to get a more detailed view of things.
From this view you can see how much was POSITIVE - NEUTRAL or NEGATIVE, you can see I have 1 Negative feedback {a customer was angry that her package was sent to the wrong address, the situation was resolved and it was the fault of the USPS, not my own but she left Negative feedback none the less. 

You can even go back and read the comments a buyer gave about specific items. This is especially important if you are ordering clothing and might want to know about fit ect.

If a seller is new, they might not have much feedback - but don't let that discourage you from placing an order! Contact them with any concerns, and then be sure to leave feedback when you get the item - they need it!

If you ordered something and love it, sellers want to know! Take the time to leave a note, and let them know how much you loved it. I read every single feedback comment and it always makes my day! If you had a bad experience, I recommend contacting the seller to give them a chance to correct the situation before you leave negative feedback. Always give people the benefit of the doubt before you leave them bad feedback. With that being said, IF you contact the seller and you still feel it is necessary to leave negative feedback, by all means do so! Just leave a DETAILED message in the comment box as to why to help future buyers :)

Sometimes, Etsy reminds you to leave feedback in the top of the page when you log in. But if not...
If you have any further questions just leave a comment and I will answer! 
Are there any other questions you have about shopping on Etsy? I will be glad to answer them in an upcoming Tip Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I love etsy, so many great items to choose from. I am such a sucker or homemade things.

  2. Oh...feedback is so essential. I wish my numbers were higher on there! I've got over 550 sales but only 130 reviews. I make sure to give feedback on all of my buyers and I check that stuff regularly before I make a purchase.

    Thanks for making it known that people need to make a habit of this. :)

    1. I try to ask for feedback as much as I can! I have had +3,600sales and less than 800 feedback so I know what you mean! I am terrible at leaving my customers feedback though!

      You are so welcome :) I just went and liked your Etsy shop!