Friday, April 26, 2013


{Happy Friday Guys}
I would like to give myself another pat on the back for week #2 of Monday - Friday blogging! Writing down my blog ideas as I think of them and scheduling my posts when I have some extra time. Also yesterday, I blogged at the chiropractor using the BlogGo app {get it here} I highly recommend it! I had taken a pic of some samples at my house right before I left and wrote and posted about it in the waiting room.
Today is Friday which means it is INSTA-FRIDAY which means you get to take a peek at our week! I had deadlines to meet - baby showers to go go - froyo to eat - & margarita's to drink!

>>> 1. Some sneak-peeks into the new designs coming early May - folded Thank You Notes
>>> 2. I wasted some time designing a lock screen for my Sis, myself, and a new cover for my facebook timeline cover
>>> 3. Stopped at a garage sale on our way to run some errands and picked up this awesome vintage alarm clock {which we looked up and found was made between 1946 - 1956} the glass is broken but the clock actually works! It will be awesome on our new mantle!
>>> 4. A pic of me with one of our oldest friends Niki at her baby shower, she lives in VA now and we miss her! It was so fun to get to meet her sweet baby Asher!
>>> 5. We tried a new froyo place by our house that opened up a few months ago, and it was delish! {confession: we may or may not have been once more since then}
>>> 6. We celebrated a little mini-versary on the day we got engaged you can read about how he popped the question here
>>> 7. Another sneak-peek at the new recipe cards coming early May!
>>> 8. Wednesday was a rough day! Talk about needing a margarita, thank goodness for Ladies Night $1.99 ritas at a local Mexican resturant
>>> 9. Oh Ryan Lochte, I am a HUGE reality TV junkie {housewives, duck dynasty, bachelor, you name it} but I just couldn't make it through this show. The moment you said you love the attention but you feel bad for your friends who aren't as popular you lost me. Also... they are making fun of you and you don't know it. I feel bad for you... stick to the pool and stop doing interviews and don't stop letting E! take advantage of your confused state. :(

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{PS} as I was typing this I checked my facebook and spotted this recipe from my girl Aimee
I think you need to make these this weekend, they look AMAZING!


  1. You know I love instaFridays.

    1. I know you do ;) I almost texted you to tell you it was up haha

  2. I'm right there with you on the reality TV junkie - however, i just can't get into the Ryan Lochte thing... so after the Kardashian interview, i changed it. haha