Friday, April 12, 2013


Busy week over here at DBN filled with custom orders, meeting local peeps to drop off invites, and the yellow fog that is all over the state of GA right now {not super fun!}

This is what my week looked like this week ....

>>> 1. The hubbs and I took a trip to Uline where we order all of our packing supplies from, they happen to have a warehouse about 20 min away from us and it saves us $50 in shipping
to go pick it up
>>> 2. Tried sockbun curls for the first time {a little late to the trend I know, but my hair is finally long enough} after the frizz died down from when I first unraveled the bun, I liked it!
>>> 3. My view on Wednesday morning, including my favorite Anthro mug. Cam was at the Fire Station and I had both computers up and running to print orders, PS if you are an Etsy seller and you don't have that nifty little Dymo printer you are wasting a lot of time, it is expensive but totally worth it!
>>> 4. Took some cuties to visit Cam at the Fire Station while they are on spring break, they had a blast!
>>> 5. Rocking my adorable Horse Feathers Gifts silk wrap bracelet, I adore all of their designs!

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  1. My friend was just in ATL for work and he said mentioned the yellow cloud of pollen - I am definitely grateful that we don't have that in Ohio, yet. Although it's cold again today... so I don't know which is worse, really.

    Yay for custom orders!

    Have a wonderful Friday doll!

    1. Oh gosh it has been horrible! We had some rain last night so that seemed to help! But it is always so bad here, we are thankful for any relief!

      Windy and 70* today so not too bad :)

      You have a wonderful Friday as well!