Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Let's talk about a sweet little shop named Elle & L! Designer Faith named her company, that hand makes adorable purses, wristlets and more, after her daughters Elle and Lainey. When she came to me her designs were adorable but her branding was lacking fun and style.

Check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop before...

Faith gets so much credit for doing this herself! It is very hard to design for yourself {even graphic designers hire people sometimes to help them with their branding}

She needed something fun and creative that showed off her style, and helped her stand out from the crowd. She is not one for bubble-gum pinks and prefers a natural color pallet. Here is what we came up with...

We used the tagline from little to lady because she wanted to focus on the idea that she has designs for every age and style.

It was so fun to work with Faith and we were both very happy with the end result

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  1. Very cute! I give myself a bloggy/shop facelift more times than I should. But I think if you're not happy with the look that you're putting out there, change it until you've got what you're looking for. :)

    1. I totally agree! You should see what my shop/blog looked like when I first opened! YIKES!