Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It is day 2 with our friend Elle from PostFilm and she has something awesome to giveaway for Designs by Nicolina fans!

But first our TIP TUESDAY! We shared this graphic yesterday but thought it was too perfect not to share twice, so it is our Tip Tuesday! You never want to limit yourself by thinking too small! Think big and amazing things will happen!

You can win a customizable logo from PostFilm Design  just by entering the giveaway below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have until 4/2/13 at midnight to enter! 


  1. Elle,
    I've had several ideas floating around about starting a small business for the past few years. What kind of criteria do you use to pick which one would be best to put your money and time into?

    1. Meghan-

      Oooo, excellent question. I ultimately think the best investment in to any small business should be based on 2 factors: expectation for sustainability/income, and happiness level.

      The success and sustainability of the business is really the toughest factor to determine. There's calculated risk involved, especially if your business needs outside help to keep functioning, (like shipping, employees, printing, etc). Money investment is also a scary factor to determine. Will you get back what you put in?

      If you strongly feel passionate about something, and you truly believe the business you want to begin is something you feel will be successful, the biggest advice I can give is to find the smartest/best/most knowledgeable small business expert you know, and ask them to help you create a sustainable business model.

      Before you invest your money, start determining what kind of risk your new adventure might pose to you. If you sell blueberry pies, how many blueberry pies do you need to sell in a week in order to pay rent and buy groceries? How much does it cost to make one blueberry pie, can you charge enough to live? What happens if you don't have any blueberry pie customers? Will you make apple pies?

      ...and... will you be happy?

      I hope this helps more and bring some more questions to the branding/marketing seminar on April 25th! I would LOVE to see you there! Info here: http://bit.ly/XEy2Kh