Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today's topic on {TIP TUESDAY} is all about comparisons. It is so easy to see others whether it be in business or in our personal lives and compare ourselves to them. When I first opened my shop on Etsy, I was constantly looking at other peoples shops. I would look and see how many items they had for sale, I compared my designs to theirs, the way my shop looked, my facebook page, everything. I wondered why they had so many sales, what I might be doing wrong, how I could get more views and features. All the while not realizing if I focused all of my time and effort on improving myself and my brand, I might not be asking those questions.

So that is how today's tip came about...
The only person to compare yourself to is who you used to be

Comparing yourself to other people, artists and business owners can incredibly detrimental to yourself. Why should you give someone else all of your time and energy, when you could be focusing closer on the things that you could be doing better!

Take a look back at some of your first sales or designs, how empty your Etsy shop may have been when you first opened it. See how far you have come and be PROUD of all you have accomplished. See the steps you have taken and recognize how hard you worked to get where you are today. Improve upon the things you already thought you did well. Once you get in the habit of doing this you will find that you don't even have the time to spend comparing yourself to others.

Screen shot from my very first sale 2/22/10
I opened my shop in January 2010 with 5 designs in it. Above is a screen shot of my first sale on Feb. 22nd, 2010, I am almost too embarrassed to post it. Although the design is only slightly different than what the design looks like now {see a screen shot of the current design below} there are some VERY glaring things wrong with how I used to do things. The first sale was to someone who needed prints {which since I didn't have a printer I used to order through VistaPrint and have them shipped to the customer} The listing picture is this persons actual invite, with all of their info and a lovely PROOF written across it. Yes, I used to send proofs before any sort of payment {learned my lesson} Look at the difference the way the invite is presented on the listing, so much more professional. The invite fonts in the newest design are much easier to read, and my shop name on the bottom is so important for posting to pinterest now so people can see my shop name claiming my design.
Screen shot of current listing for the same invite
When I take a look at how I used to do things and what my listings used to look like I am SO PROUD of what I have accomplished. Sure I still slip up and spend time browsing Etsy for invites and searching other people's blogs trying to figure out what they are doing that I am not when I could be improving upon myself, but I always try to remember to take a look at my old listings, or comapre my numbers from last year to this year, and see how far I have personally come, because that is the MOST important thing!

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