Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Okay so I am not sure I could officially call myself a blogger just yet, lets face it I have only been doing this for 2 weeks!

But I can definitely see how important it is to have a great app to blog on the go!  I  constantly running around and I am not always in my office. So I was super excited to hear about Dana over at Wonder Forest's new blogging app BlogGo!

She is the fabulous designer that created my blog design that I love, and as a blogger herself, I knew she would know exactly what bloggers need!

And I LOVE IT! There are great options for editing posts, as well as managing your blog! Check out a screen shot of me starting this post... 

From the picture you can see all of the options when you are typing the post up itself, and the coolest part is how easily you can add the pictures (a lot of people's biggest problem with the official blogger app) 

I like starting my ideas for a post in my phone or iPad and finishing it all up on the computer, and this app is great for that! You just click save at the bottom of your post and when you log into your computer it shows up as a draft! 

You can even find all your drafts and posts in the app here ... 

There is a section where you moderate comments, view other blogs you follow and view your own blog.

Needless to say I am in love! Now that you are do go download it here ... http://www.bloggo.ca/
PS. I WROTE, EDITED AND PUBLISED THIS ENTIRE POST ON MY IPHONE (while I am at the dealership waiting on my car, hello multitasking!)


  1. oh man...this makes me wish I had an Iphone/Ipad.
    I hope this comes available for Android! The blogger app is nice but is definitely lacking.

    1. Jessica, I use my iPad for everything! I couldn't live without it! Keep checking the website maybe she will release it!