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It is crazy how many friends you make by running an online business. Between collaborations, giveaways and finding people who's creativity you come to love and admire I have met some of the most amazing ladies!

One of whom is Elle of PostFilm. She and I live in the same area and have shared many conversations on pretty much any topic, she is the Queen of Small Business branding and she wants to help YOU! Check out a little bit about her and what Post Film is all about!

PostFilm is the best little brand identity shop in the South. Powered by love, owner & chief designer Elizabeth “Elle” Atkins created PostFilm as the official megaphone for small businesses to shout “WE ARE AWESOME!” through design.  Elle and the PostFilm team provide custom logos, packaging, client experience overhauls, and website graphics to a range of amazing small businesses.
OUR CLIENTS LOVE US! Check out what they’re saying :  

“Elle completely rebranded my business and designed a new website for me and it was seriously the most fun I’ve had with a vendor (and now friend!) in forever. “  –Katy Gray Photography
“I am blown away by how personal her service is.” – Shari Weber
“…(Elle) was incredibly receptive and accommodating, and also helped come up with ideas that we hadn’t considered.” - Jennifer Lenhart
“ …(Elle) somehow knew exactly what I was trying to explain or what I had envisioned. She is super easy to work with, very responsive and quick to turn around proofs and revisions. I am thrilled with the result and am so happy that I chose to work with her.” –Rebecca Jill Photography
Article: PostFilm’s Small Business Marketing 101
Starting your small business marketing can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. There’s so much to do, and it has to be done all at once. One of the biggest mysteries to new business owners is creating smart small business marketing strategies that work and pay off. But… where do you start?
Starting Your Small Business Marketing Strategy
Before you can launch a small business marketing campaign, you should begin with the basics.  Asking these three essential questions will lead you to understanding the core of what marketing strategy you should be using. When you’re finished, you should have a much clearer picture of what type of marketing you will be doing.
1)     Who is my target market?
Every business should consider who their ideal customer is. Defining who your business will cater to will ensure you are reaching the right people. Remember, the goal is not to appeal to everyone, but to appeal to the people who will likely use your services.  Small business marketing has to be efficient, so make sure you know who your customer is.

Here’s a really exaggerated but good example:  If you’re a chef opened a fine dining restaurant, and are charging $500 an entrĂ©e, you won’t likely advertise to larger families on a budget.  The likelihood of an average American family of 5 spending $2,500 on a dinner is slim. So, with that in mind, who is your ideal client?

2)     Where is your target market located?
After you’ve determined who your ideal client is, the next step in small business marketing is to decide where your target marketed is located. Assessing who your client is can be the biggest hurdle. Once you’ve decided who will be the most likely client to purchase your product or service, determining where they are should be a snap. Let’s go back to that chef example:

Let’s pretend our Chef has decided his perfect customer is a big business financial advisor. Where would the chef advertise? Luxury travel magazines, Fine Dining guides, maybe grab a listing on an upper crust hotel pamphlet of local restaurants.  Our Chef could even partner with similar businesses, (a suit maker or boutique clothing store), to advertise with. 

3)     Now what?
Once you’ve decided the who and the where, it’s time to test some of your marketing ideas. Small business marketing can be tricky, so get organized early and make a list of what kind of advertising you want to do. The list should include where you will advertise, how long you will advertise, and should include what your ultimate goal will be. Make a plan to collect as much data as you possibly can. If you’re running multiple small business marketing campaigns, collecting data will determine which are most successful. If you’re advertising on the web, turn on analytics, track how many people click on your links, and keep an eye on your social media. Tracking your print advertisement can also be done digitally. Include a specific landing page in each of your advertisements, and consider phone numbers that employ call tracking. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your new customers how they found you. You might be surprised!

If you’d like to learn more about branding and how it relates to small business marketing, stop by PostFilm’s free webinar on Branding Essentials 101 on April 25th, 7pm! Be sure to bring all your marketing and branding questions for the live Q&A. Check it out and sign up to grab a seat here:

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