Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We all know that within 25 minutes of getting on Pinterest you are completely addicted! So you promptly send out invites to all of your BFF's so they could join you in your obsession! Then once you get all of your friends addicted too, it is all you can talk about. 

My friends and I are no exception to this rule. 

So I came up with this brilliant idea... 

Along with this great idea came an invite {of course}
check it out...

So here's the idea...
All your invitees prepare a appetizer, meal, snack or dessert that they have pinned. Then they look over all of the fabulous DIY projects they have no doubt pinned and bring all of the supplies to complete one project.
Sounds like fun right?

The invite is super easy to purchase, download and fill out as it is one of my INSTANT DOWNLOAD TEMPLATES in the new graphics shop
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