Sunday, July 31, 2011

my first wedding design!

I thought today I would share my first wedding design! The Bride had a few ideas of what she wanted + a color scheme but I had a lot of creative control on this one! It was a summer outdoor wedding. Her colors were royal blue + white + yellow. It turned out really beautiful!

I love it! We used her monogram from the top in other aspects of the wedding I designed a seating chart for the front of the reception with all of the names + table numbers on it. Check out the ceremony program that was turned into a fan for all of the guests...

I also designed a sticker for the tops of the cupcake take-out boxes {favors}


Overall it was my first wedding design and I learned A LOT! I will be better equipped for next time and the Bride loved it!


Friday, July 29, 2011

ally's farewell tour!

 This is my FAVORITE custom party I have ever done. To give you a little background on the guest-of-honor her name is Ally, she works with me + she is rarely ever seen without a leather jacket + she is NEVER missing her sunglasses.

Ally was leaving us so we decided to trow her a going away party! And of course... I did the invitations. To go with her ROCKSTAR personality - I went with a rockstar theme. Check it out...

Can you believe we just happened to have that picture of her? AWESOME

We planned it at an adoreable teashop by the store that I work at in Downtown Lawrenceville, GA called ArtisTEAcrats. I decided to design some items to carry out the rockstar theme into the rest of the party.
Cupcake Toppers for the YUMMY cupcakes from Sweets on the Square
... more cupcakes!
and a pennant banner with her name on it!
The party turned out a huge SUCCESS and as it turns out she didn't end up being gone all that long anyway! YAY! I think she only told us she was going away so we would throw her a party... well it worked!


how it all began...

A long time ago {okay it was December 2009} I was in the big apple with my best friend Jennifer on a girls trip.  We were walking around... minding our own business when this happened...

her boyfriend Jordan showed up and PROPOSED! and she said YES! So as soon as we got back we went on a whirlwind planning. Picking dresses + planning showers! As the wedding got closer it got to be time to plan the lingerie shower {which I was in charge of} I started looking online for unique invitations. She LOVES vintage style + pin up girls so that was the theme for the shower. Well I searched + searched + searched to find some that were perfect... but to no avail! So then I had a light bulb moment. {I was in the process of going to school for graphic design} I WOULD DO THE INVITES! This is what I came up with...

They were such a HIT at the shower... I decided to give ETSY a try. In all my searching for invitations for the shower I noticed that people on ETSY were selling the jpeg files of the designed invitations and then the buyer would print them as many times as they needed. So... I designed 2 more invites my firefigher pin up girl + my lady in red pin up girl. And what do you know... they started selling! Those first few invites continue to be the best sellers in my shop. I am so pleased with the success of the shop + I am excited to see where it goes next. 

My invitations are also available at Sparkle! in Downtown Lawrenceville, GA! I love doing custom designs and see my customers get so excited about them! Feel free to contact me for custom items at or check out my etsy shop here!